Akashic Accelerated


  • Akashic Accelerated Healing is designed to advance the soul pathway of mankind by helping you to transmute your struggles to light. It will reveal, rapidly heal and transform your negative repeating patterns, lack of confidence, feelings of being the outsider, anxiety and fear which leads to ill-health, depression, disease and addictive behaviour.

  • At the root of all these ‘outward symptoms’ are our unexpressed and unresolved emotional experiences from the past. We often experience this in our every day life as ‘energetic walls’ which we feel we cannot climb over and which stops us from enjoying feeling whole, at peace, healthy and abundant. When we drop these walls we feel open, trusting, connected and expansive.

  • Akashic Accelerated Healing starts with your soul analysis the Akashic Record Reading which is the key that unlocks the explanation of your deeper 'soul' journey. This analysis will help you to ‘know thyself’, why you became ‘you’ and how you have developed the personality structure that you have. It will reveal the core issue, core belief and core fear which you have come to work on and which sit at the centre of your life experience attracting ‘your story’ of how the world is for you.

  • The akashic record will also reveal the childhood trauma which will be at the root of your ill-health and disease conditions. The release of this emotional memory will lead to the recovery from your outwardly presenting symptoms. Your Akashic Record, in fact, will be a thorough examination of your personality structure, of around 10 pages and will form the basis for your transformational work.

  • Included in the price of the Akashic Record Reading is a one hour telephone session with myself to help you fully understand this analysis. This is an important second step in Akashic Accelerated Healing and some prefer to have a longer session to answer all their questions. Once you have understood your Akashic Record, you will see what areas within yourself need clearing if you are to reach your full potential enjoying a more vibrant healthy life.
  • The third part of Akashic Accelerated Healing is to learn how to rapidly dissolve and clear your self from all of these underlying unwanted emotional states keeping you stuck in your present reality. I will show you how to easily enter the state of Pure Awareness where healing naturally takes place without effort and you will also learn the Pure Awareness Rapid Healing Techniques which you can use to literally dissolve any emotional block, pain or disease.
  • The final part of Akashic Accelerated Healing is for you to take away the transformational Programme for Life for you to follow and continue your healing journey.
  • You can learn all this by coming on one of my workshops or working with me on a private basis at my beautiful Château in France. (Or, if you prefer, you can have a private session by Skype video link.)
  • I promise you that this work will transform your life. You will experience more health, better relationships, more love, more success and alignment with your Higher Purpose which will deliver to you your ultimate happiness and joy. Just imagine a life like that!
    I look forward to meeting you.
    Corinne Thiollay
Corinne Thiollay can obtain your akashic record, advise you on the contents and in her 2 day workshops she will show you how to enter pure awareness and how from within that state to release all your emotional blocks and issues.

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